Something New Has Arrived!

We’re pleased to announce that Factor In Talent is now 

  Just as we’ve helped clients evolve and even, transform their business we’re evolving, too.  Our new name represents our next chapter. 

 What’s in a name?

Why did we name it NextBridge?

We believe that growth is imperative, change is constant and talent executes strategy. Over the past 18 years, we’ve always focused on more than just the current challenge. In addition to today’s needs we help you to think and prepare for what’s next. Our partnerships with clients create bridges between ideas and performance; between strategy and results; between today and the future through pragmatic solutions, in real time.  We thought it was time that our name better reflect our values and the value we bring to our clients.

What can you expect from NextBridge Consulting?

What’s changing? What’s staying the same?

The value that we’ve always provided – strategic design, pragmatic planning and collaborative execution – is not changing.  We’re continuing to focus on our core consulting services for innovation sector clients experiencing rapid change.

What’s new besides our name?

  • We’re providing a more complete suite of services and next generation thinking on the strategies, processes and tools that have proven so successful for our clients over the past 18 years. Our solutions will continue to be tailored to our clients’ needs and will leverage proven tools and expertise. Find out more about our suite of services at
  • We are also re-emphasizing the deep change agility expertise we bring to our engagements.  People often talk about change management. We like to think of it differently. It’s not just about managing change but about creating a culture where thinking about how to initiate and implement successful change is second nature. It’s a difference between adapting to change and developing the skills to be great at using change as an asset, a way to excel, the way to stay ahead of the curve and perform well in the marketplace.
  • Finally, we’re introducing Jim Harvey, NextBridge’s partner for product and business development.  He brings deep professional and senior management experience across multiple industries, from tech-start ups to large global firms. He has been Senior Director of Learning and Development at PNC Bank and Head of Talent Development for a global business unit of BNYMellon.

Jim has extensive background as a talent development leader and innovator.  He’s developed multiple groundbreaking programs at all levels including high potential and executive development programs that utilized action learning, virtual learning communities and web-based approaches to development.  He has a passion for developing innovative products and services, where the focus is on integrating talent development into the actual work people do

Our website has been redesigned to reflect our new brand, latest thinking and updated offerings.  Check it out at

We’ll be reaching out again soon to bring you updates how we can help you, on our thinking, our offerings and our own growth.  In the meantime, follow me on twitter @eonderickharvey or, if we’re not already, connect with me on LinkedIn.