Designing the Organization

Organizational DesignI recently went through the process of re-vamping my website. Thinking through the website design was similar in many ways to the work I do with clients to design organizations that position themselves for future growth and change.

Whether working with world-class universities or businesses that are implementing a new business strategy or organizing for growth, similar questions need to be answered. The obvious questions is how do we allocate our resources to effectively implement our strategy? On a website its about pages, content and navigation. In an organization its about people, processes, roles and structure

When designing organizations, I ask several other key questions:

      • How will customers or stakeholders interact with us?
      • How do we create value in each part of the organization?
      • How do we create efficiency without forsaking effectiveness?
      • How do we think about what we need rather than building the organization around what we have?
      • How do we create the talent pipelines we need to take on new or different roles and responsibilities?

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About Edith Onderick-Harvey

Edith Onderick-Harvey is a highly regarded consultant, leadership and talent expert, and speaker. Edith is frequently quoted in the media including The New York Times,, HR Executive, and American Executive. As the President of Factor In Talent, Edith works with leaders to take performance — their own, their team’s and their organization’s — to the next level.

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