A Week Like No Other

changeThis past week is one none of of us likely to forget. Boylston Street in Boston open back up just this morning. A symbol for moving forward after last week’s tragedy.

As we’ve watched these events spill out of our beloved city, onto a variety of media and into our homes, we are reminded that life changes in a second. It reminds us all of the importance of living with purpose and on purpose. At times, we all feel like we’re sleepwalking through life. It’s important to take a gut check every once in a while and to think about what you see as your purpose. Assess how well you are living that purpose every day. Also think about how you are helping others — your family, co-workers, peers — achieve what they think is important for them to achieve and how those purposes may be intertwined.

This week we’ve seen a community come together to face a tragedy. Let’s all stand together to move forward with meaning.

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