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Over-Collaboration: Solution #3: Designing for Great Collaboration

Our last three blog posts have outlined collaboration challenges and solutions.  In this fourth and concluding post, we’re talking about the role the organization plays in making collaboration work. The way you design your organization — your rules, tools and people practices — has a substantial impact on how effectively you and others collaborate. Rules […]

Over-Collaboration: Solution #2: Better Skills and Behaviors

Our last newsletter gave you some questions to think about regarding planning and attending meetings and encouraged you to be more intentional. Our second solution is about skills and behaviors needed to avoid over-collaboration. Next week, our third solution will look at the role the organization plays in making collaboration work. In our careers, we’ve […]

Over-Collaboration: Solution #1 – Be More Intentional About Meetings

Our last post talked about the problems of over-collaboration: wasted time, burn- out of some of your most valuable people, and decision/action bottlenecks.  Let’s start with something practical – smarter use of meetings as a collaborative tool. It’s not sexy, but it’s a solution that can save your team thousands of hours per month. Most […]

Something New Has Arrived!

We’re pleased to announce that Factor In Talent is now    Just as we’ve helped clients evolve and even, transform their business we’re evolving, too.  Our new name represents our next chapter.   What’s in a name? Why did we name it NextBridge? We believe that growth is imperative, change is constant and talent executes strategy. […]